My husband’s stories

Road Trip + image credit:

Road Trip + image credit:


My husband’s playlist is on

A careful selection of road songs

Each song is a story

Each story,  a point of reference


He narrates these stories lest he might forget

They are sweet and silly and sometimes

there are scenarios that I don’t get

Boys will be boys and I choose not to fret


It helps that I am a great listener

It helps that I love his voice

It helps that he is a great story teller

he knows just the song to fill the blank noise


We are due for a road trip soon

and preparations have begun

musical renditions of a childhood gone by,

a teenage crush and hardier love of a grownup guy,

songs that inspire changes in life and

songs that accompany one through personal strife


There is so much I discover about my husband

through the songs and their lyrics

these little bits of him, he does not reveal

I pick them up from the lyrics or as the songs’ melody

to me, unveils


I have my favorites of these songs

this vast collection of his memories

not always in order but a random selection

some from before and some from after we were married


The ones I love are those that sound familiar

even if it’s the first time I hear that song

I can see myself in it,

I can hear that it’s the two of us all along


These moments that he and he alone chooses

with a song, to capture

are like a gorgeously orchestrated lure

Calling on a memory that’s common to us both

sometimes sweet, sometime silly

it sounds like, for us, the song was especially wrote.


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