Someone’s Secret

Guy walking

I was walking down the street

I was walking to a beat

(in my head)

And then I tripped

and I fell

because this cute girl

she was standing too close


I was grabbing at the air

trying not to fall and if I fell,

I was trying not to care


my hand and its half bitten nail

reached for the sky,

I was open palmed and

something caught

as it fluttered by


it was this piece of paper

it was a little dirty, not quite white

it was scribbled on and to keep it

was not quite right


I knew this because I kept it anyway

I tucked it into my shoe and

it’s been with me to this day


I keep the paper because

it makes me feel important

Because it’s someone secret

and I know this because

I read what was on it


Someone was being bad

atleast that’s what the paper said


“There is a lipstick stain on the collar

And it’s not a shade I use”


It sounded so boring

something  so pedestrian

something from a cheap novel

so plain and so annoying


I recognized my mother’s hand writing

because she writes all the grocery lists

It was the first thing I had noticed

And I had started to smile

But then I read the words

And I fell quite for a while


That while stretched on and by now

the cute girl was frowning at me

and I wanted her to walk on

I wanted her to stop looking at me


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